What are the facilities provided for students admitted with full scholarship?

TED University students admitted with full scholarship can benefit from the student residence facilities free of charge. These students should state their residence requirements to the Residence Direction during the registration. If the students with  full scholarship demand to benefit from the facilities during the semester, their requests will be evaluated according to the availability of the rooms.

When can I check in the residence?

The check-in dates of the students residences are determined by the Residence on the beginning of each year according to the www.tedu.edu.tr/yurtlar page.

If I make late registration will I have to  pay the total fee?

Residence tuition regulations according to the check-in dates;

  • The students who register to the residence within a month after the beginning of the academic year pay the total fee,
  • The students who check-in until the end of the second month pay %75 of the total fee,
  • Students who register after the second month pay %50 of the total fee.


Can I choose roommate?

You need to indicate the name of yu-our desired roommate during the registration.

If I have problems with my roommate, will I get to change my room?

You can submit your written request for room change to the Residence Direction ( not more than once a semester). Your request will be taken into consideration if the conditions are suitable.

Which documents do Ineed for registration?

Required documents for registration are;

  • Copy of your ID card,
  • Medical report taken from a general hospital,
  • 3 photographs.

What are the entrance and exit hours?

The entrance hour is 23.30 during the week and Sundays and 00.30 during the Fridays and Saturdays. Those who wish can make a written apperal to the direction for later entrance hours.

What should we bring with us?

You should bring personal belongings like towels, slippers, hangers, etc.The residence provides pillows, bedclothes, quilts but if you wish you can bring your own properties.

Can I bring my pet?

It is not allowed to feed in our residence.

Can I hang posters, announcements, pictures, etc on the walls?

It is not allowed to hang announcements or banners without the approval of the Residence Direction.

What are the sanctions given for violating the rules?

The Students who violate the regulations indicated in the Recidence Leaflet are warned by the Resicence Direction and appropriate sanctions are applied.

If I am dismissed from the residence, can I return the following semester?

The students who are dismissed for violating the residence rules may not be accepted back depending on the decision of the Residence Direction.

Can I stay at the residence durinig the Summer holidays?

The students of the summer school and the students who will participate in special events organized during the summer holiday, can stay at the designed residence rooms if they provide the required documents. Apart from that, those who wish to stay at the residence during the summer holiday have to pay an evtra fee. The summer term fees are determined and announced separately.

Where can I keep my personal belongins that I don't use in my room?

The students can keep their extra belongings in closed boxes or cases with their name tags, in the storehouse or the luggage rooms of the residence.

Can my parents, siblings or friends stay at my room?

The parents or siblings of the students can stay at the room only in case of emergency or health problems for one (1 ) night with the approval of the Residence Direction.

Can I have assistance for transporting my belongings?

The Residence has no personnel for transporting the belongings. The students are responsible for transporting their belongings.

Can I have guests in my room?

It is not allowed to have guests in the residence rooms.

Do we do the cleaning of our rooms?

We have regular cleaning service. However, the students are responsible for the order of their beds, wardobes an personal belongings.

Can I leave my belongings in my wardrobe when I leave for holiday?

Even if the student is going to be lodged at the same room the following year, he / she has to take away all the personal belongings before leaving for the summer holiday.The residence direction will not take any responsibility for the lost properties left in the room.